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Deep Tissue

This technique uses slower strokes and targets connective tissue and deeper layers of muscle. Also used for chronically tight or painful muscles, postural problems, repetitive strains and recovery from an injury.

Hot Stone 

Hot Stone therapy uses direct heat from stones to relax muscles, allowing the therapist to access the clients deeper muscle layers. Also provides relief from fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions. Reduces chronic stress, tension and increases blood supply and nutrition to muscles.


Assisted stretching to help better prepare for or recuperate from an athletic event or workout and increase range of motion and flexibility.


Utilizes smooth long and flowing strokes in order to achieve relaxation and enhanced circulation.


Helps relieve stress and pains associated with pregnancy.


Utilizes natural essential oils extracted from a wide variety of plants to promote health and vitality and to instill a sense of harmony with the natural world.

Foot scrub

Foot scrubs can be used to rejuvenate the feet, enhance their look and feel, and even relieve pressure and pain. They can relieve tired, achy feet and help to remove dead skin while also nourishing the skin with natural ingredients. The most important part of a good exfoliating foot scrub is the exfoliating ingredient. Some types include salt, pumice, coffee and sugar.

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